Hey guys,

Just received a big shipment of focboxs and Maytech motors. We are trying to get some of the prices down on the items that we can. So for the next few weeks while we get ready for the holidays we wanted to offer some sale incentives to try and lower some cost on the the components that matter most. Esc, motors, and battery packs. With our new service there is a good chance you don’t have to ditch your current battery pack because it isn’t performing for you. And if you need a complete new battery of course we will work with you on the best price and the most customized pack you can buy with out paying through the nose. The first two will be FOCKBOX & MAYTECH MOTORS. With the FOCBOX we are kinda stuck at 150$ a unit , but what we can do is offer free shipping on the purchase of 2 or more with free can-bus and sensor adapters.
With the MAYTECH MOTORS we wanted to get the price down to a reasonable amount and still be able to carry them. If we can get the numbers we can take prices down like this. All sealed and 170kv 6374 reg 130$ sale price 110$ 6365 reg 120$ sale price 105$ 6350 reg 110$ sale price 100$ 5065 reg 100$ sale price 95$ We also carry a replacement motor for evolve that’s a racestar 5065 150kv Reg 80$ sale price 70$

We will add more products in the coming weeks once we work out some deals. Flipsky Maytech Focbox Unity ( once available ) General build products as well. These are just the beginning, our goal is simple bring quality products to the community at good prices. We don’t believe in overcharging people and we are built around service and support when you buy from us ( or not ) we are always available for questions and help if needed. OUR SALE STARTS MONDAY MORNING 15th at 12:01 AM IF INTERESTED IN SOMETHING SPECIFIC PLEASE PM ME OR EMAIL [email protected] [email protected]


How has your luck been with thise sealed Maytechs?


We had a few with broken magnets and sensors. But we determined it was shipping that course that. They have just made a fresh run of almost all the sealed. 6374 are last. As for performance I have sent them to New Zealand and isreal and of course here in the states. They hum in foc and work as expected in bldc. With it being sealed you do get slightly higher temps but manageable and not noticeable. What esc you use makes a difference. We tested most of the motors of the Maytech 100a esc and worked great. Setup was fast and easy.


But focbox is cheaper from enertion

Can’t you guys match that price

At 109$ no. Not with out them approving the difference because even as a vendor I pay more per unit in bulk.

It’s a snaky way of rolling stock right after you fill late orders (Chinese holiday). In a sense your vendors are stuck with set price stock ( paid monthly ) and you can push more out the door behind them with a big discount. The 2 day thing will turn into a two week thing and screw us up.

@onloop should give you guys a discount so it’s the same


Manufacturers or distributors undercutting dealers never ends well. If a dealer can’t make a profit off an item then he usually has no reason to carry it.


True but, it’s usually short sales and they will do a rebate if I send them proof of sale at that price. I pm them to confirm, but by the time they do it could be over. And they didn’t alert us about it.