Focbox initial power up

This is a quick question regarding the focbox. When first powering up does the focbox give three red lights before returning to the blue power and yellow signal? This may well be the case but I’ve just never noticed it before. I have 2 brand spanking ones doing it and 1 I have just repaired. The reason I’m asking is that it doesn’t happen on my other 4.12 vescs. Is it a peculiarity on the focbox?

Yes they will flash three times on boot.

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Do you promise?

I pinky winky pwomise


If you’d like the peace of mind type “FAULTS” without quotes in the vesc tool terminal while hooked up by USB and hopefully it’ll say that there are no faults since last boot.

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Did that all good. Another thing off topic. Have you ever run a focbox and normal vesc on a dual? I had two broken ones, fixed one and the other one has gone missing. I’m testing out some jacob hub motors and don’t want to risk my new build focboxes.

It’s definitely going to be fine in a split PPM config. I’m unsure of using a CAN bus though, I wouldn’t do that for peace of mind.

But yeah split PPM is fine.

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They are both the same hw so you should be fine using can bus. I saw someone else doing it. Can’t remember who though.

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