Focbox: Motor temp. fault

Hey there

I just uploaded the boot loader with my st-link.

Now I wanted to make a new motor detection but It doesn’t work. The motor isn’t able to spin. The reason is that the focbox means that the actual “T Motor” value is about 180 degrees, Is there a function to reset or calibrate that value?

Thanks for help Thore

PS: I use ackmaniacs firmware

If nothing helps, just don´t use the motor temp cable. Unplug it from the connector and do your detection.

I already unplugged the sensor plug but it still shows something like 179 degrees. When I’m back home I will try to upload another firmware and hope that this doesn’t show up again.

Or Could it be a hardware failure? Could I disable the over temp. Function? And are somewhere here some schematics about the focbox available?

you should not unplug the whole sensor plug, only the temp cable (most of the time white). Then try again

Why did you load the bootloader? the focbox has one built in

Ok i’ll try that when I’m home

Because I got some problems with the focbox and messed up the bootloader.

I connected the sensor plug to the focbox without the temp Wire. But still 170 degrees motor temperature. You have another idea?

if it still shows motor temp, then something is wrong with your focbox… Does a sensorless detection work fine?

No that’s the problem. The motor temp is always to high so the motor isn’t allowed to spin

Which firmware did you put in?

The actual firmware from ackmaniac. The version 3.101

You downloaded the default 412 firmware correct

Yes. I choose 410 & 411 & 412 and then on the right side VESC_default.bin

Is it possible that that’s a hardware failure?

It seems like you did everything right maybe besides messing up the bootloader the first time. Why did you have to reload the bootloader what did you do the first time?

A couple weeks ago, the last time it was alright, I was on a ride and while that it stopped and the ackmaniac app shows that abnormal motor temperature. Then I went back home and wanted to reset the as because I thought that a bad sensor wire was the fault. And in that trouble I did something wrong while installing the new firmware and the bootloader was corrupted. So that happens first while riding

Ackmaniac is now at 3.102, maybe try to updated it

Now I made a mistake. I got a short between the temp wire and the 5v. Now the LEDs are out and I can’t connect the ESC anymore… :dizzy_face:

If I try to turn it on the Board U2 gets got. It’s an GH12E, an voltage regulator for 3,3 Volts. I could solder a new one but do you think that’s the only broken part? Does anyone has schematics for the focbox?