FOCBOX on for $150

Now shipping. I have a few in stock now for immediate shipping and more will arrive every month. Consider them basically on tap.

These are the ESCs i use in all my builds now. Originally they were VESC-Xs but we don’t have to bring any of that laundry in right now. Suffice to say i love them, they solved a lot of issues for me, i have far fewer of them visiting @JohnnyMeduse than i did with the standard 4.12s and that makes papa happy.

These are what’s in the Raptor 2, so now they’re rebranded with clever Enertion graphics, tighter tolerances and a better fit on the plastic shell and black heatsinks and basically everything i was going to do to them if i had them made. I probably would have laser etched the heat sink with something fun like a middle finger or something though. Or giant balls.

They do 12S fine. All i build are 12S monsters and these are the ESCs i’ve been using.

$150 plus tax and shipping. Shipping should be cheap though, they go out in small packages via USPS Priority.