FOCBOX Red LED light flashes twice

I have dual FOCBOX setup with dual 6355 sensored motors. One of the motors had some connection issues, so I tried to diagnose but only did worse.

I removed the Hall-Sensor cable from one of the motors, and left the 3 phase wires still connected from the motor to the FOCBOX. I pushed the throttle of the remote and then the FOCBOX died one me. The Red LED now blinks twice in repeat. When I connect it to the BLDC tool it says Bad detection results received. Thanks for letting me know!

I assume it happend since the FOCBOX settings are configured to work with Hall-Sensor and I removed it an tried to move the motor without it.

Does anyone know if it means that the DRV is dead or the transceiver?

*** When I check for faults via Terminal tab nothing appears there.

I have the same issue. Did you find out why?

Are there any fault codes? Typically a red flash is not good, it could mean broken hardware.