Focbox repair Australian melb

Any one out there that repair focbox in Melbourne /victoria or Australia? . Happy to pay for postage around aus.

I have 2x focbox probably short/drv issue.cheers

heard a guy in Canada does repair job, not sure if there’s anyone in Australia does that …

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Cheers mate contacted this guy but postage over there might be a bit costly probably cheaper sending back to enertion.

This was literally asked for yesterday. Not calling you out about being a duplicated thread, just pointing out that there’s a gap in the market here.


Sure is!! Hopefully some expert is busily writing up a business plan as we speak

earlier I came across this guy selling spark switch , then looked further on his website, found he does ESC repair too, but it’s somewhere in europe since he prices everything in euro…though i don’t think this is helping with anything in this thread …


Hi, thank you for mentioning me. I am based in Slovakia, central Europe. Not sure what the shipping from Australia is to me but the return shipping is included in the 35€ (55AUD)

As far as local repair, I dont know about anyone officially repairing VESCs in Australia but surely there is someone on the forum who is able to do it for you in Australia. :slight_smile:


Thanks yes im hoping i can at least get someone in aus who can do…thanks for the info

Looks like only overseas guys that are known repairers at this stage…

Honestly didnt even look thru forum just sent it out. …not a regular here but yes agreed is a huge demand .seeing so many boards going around in Melbourne

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Did you end up getting the fox boxes repaired?

Unfortunately this kind of repair just doesn’t make any economic sense unless you get decent volume. The repairer would need a stock of parts and a thorough test rig, and even then its going to cost you more in shippingx2, parts, labour than just getting a new focbox.

The only situation I can see this making sense is if there is a very common fault (like blown fet driver) that is very commonly fixed completely (nothing else blown) by simply replacing it. OR if there is a friendly person who will do it below cost.

As an example, If I were going to do this repair I would probably charge $50 to replace a FET driver and $10 per blown FET. then simple test. What percentage of that kind of repair is actually going to fix the FOCBOX? Troubleshoot at $150 an hour -> there goes the budget for the repair.