FocBox Tenka causing jerking/choppy acceleration?

Hi everyone. I had been using my FocBox Tenka for a few months without issues when one day it suddenly started to have jerking/choppy acceleration. Whenever I accelerate it isn’t smooth like it used to be, the braking is still mostly smooth, but it does sometimes take a bit longer to kick in.

Could this be a problem with the VESC, or is it perhaps the remote? I’m using a Flipsky VX1.

I checked the battery and all the cells still seem fine.

I also tried soldering an extra piece of wire to the receiver as an antenna, which did help quite a bit for one ride (out in the open just outside of my small hometown), but when riding in the city (where I had always been riding it to uni) it was unusable again due to the extremely uneven acceleration.

Any help or ideas would greatly be appreciated. I really hope it isn’t the VESC as I live in South Africa, and it’s really expensive to get parts here.

Here is a video to show what the acceleration looks and sounds like: VESC or Remote causing jerky acceleration? - YouTube

If you can replicate your problem while your board is connected to vesc tool, check out the ppm calibration section where you can observe the commands given by the remote. If its fluctuating like your acceleration then the remote is faulty.

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Thanks for the reply. Someone on Reddit mentioned that the VX1 has an issue where the throttle wears out, and that pushing it down harder lets it make contact again. Lo and behold, upon trying that, it actually works! So glad that it was just the remote throttle and not my VESC

Glad you figured it out!