Focbox uk for sale

selling my focbox vesc because need the cash for is in good condtion and working selling for £120 plus shipping depending where you live. image2image1

How much would shipping to the US cost?

it probally be 25 quid

Thanks for your time but that’s a little much for me, good luck selling.

sorry mate its just the us has crazy shipping cost



Is the Focbox new or used?

it has been used

For how many miles?

about 20 i think,not many

So $165 for an used focbox…?

yes but shipping is expensive into the us

Where in UK?

im from manchester

Just ordered new from enertion for 127£ pounds…

ETA for delivery spring 2020?

still avelable?

Currently on sale for $139

3 Months later…

do you have 2 ?