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Focbox Unity and 12s4p w/ enclosure Sale

Built a custom board last year and am now giving it up. The focbox unity, 12s4p built by @Eboosted and enclosure for a vanguard are up for sale. image

Following items for sale: Focbox Unity $100 SOLD

12s4p battery w/ enclosure $200 image image image

Please reach out on any questions.

I’ll take the unity

Claimed it yesterday my guy :smile:


Jerk. :crazy_face::heart_eyes:

Happy someone got this amazzzzzzzzzing deal. Other then the ugly wire leads


Yeah she’s going on the healing bench first thing, I’m thinking some fresh 12awg phase leads and a MR60, and some 10awg power leads with an XT90 when it comes out of the box…it’ll be all nice and pretty

Beware it does apear to have water ingress marks - might need a antispark replacement there.

Where do you see the damage?

looking at the unity > the xt60 where the double insultation is - and on the center heatsink in the middle,

Same can be seen on the battery the grey/white

That comes from dirty moisture/and heat. the result leaves this reside

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I haven’t had any issues with the ESC. With little kids, I just dont ride it anymore.

The residue is from the tape I used to hold the wires in place.

Shit no one took the battery and enclosure I’m in europe, would have love to pick it up

Shipping to Europe is gonna suck…