!focbox unity not switching off any more!

Hi there. I finished my Board about 2 months ago. After a couple of times riding suddenly I noticed that the power switch of the focbox unity wouldn’t turn off any more. It kept constantly shining. Dont get me wrong here its not like I couldnt drive any mire its just that the leds and the bluetooth module of the focbox are constantly draining my battery, so that I have to charge a lot. I turned to enertionboard sent them now 3 mails within a month and didn’t get an answer at all. I think the only thing possible here is that something in the focbox is broken. Have you any ideas on what theres to do about it or if I could even fix this by my on? Thanks in advance!

The button switch is broken, try here

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Hey buddy I like that website and I have unbelievable power tools filled with 20 Samsung 30q cells in a 10s 2p configuration with 40V 6Ah brand new power tool battery with a battery read out or battery protection already existing on the hard case battery which is made for a snow blower. Why are more people not using power tool batteries and there are five slots on my power tool how do I know exactly what slots I should discharge from besides the positive and negative there are 2 other slots. Anyway, there must be someone that is making or using power tool batteries for their DIY Builds and was wondering if you could put me in touch with someone that could help. Thank you I’ve seen you around