FOCBOX UNITY | Support, Setup & Troubleshooting

This thread is dedicated to helping users setup & use the Focbox Unity.

The FOCBOX unity is extremely simple & fast to set up, however, it’s new & very different when compared to other similar products in the market, This difference can be confusing and often make it “seem” harder to set up.

If you need help please ask questions in this thread.


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So is it advised to use the focbox tool instead of the bldc 2.18fw that came with the focbox? Should you upgrade to this FW (23.40,23.41)?

No do not update your single Focbox’es to 23.41. The Unity tools (Focbox UI and Focbox tool) and Firmware will only work for the Unity hardware.

the single focbox still stays with the BLDC tool, VESCTool or other compatible 3rd party applications


ok! Thanks for the quick response Blasto!

Can you get 12v for led light?

Dont know who you are addressing your question… but no. It’s battery voltage that is comming out of the Aux

If you do not know do not speak. the unity has several free bays JST, but I do not know if it’s only 5v or it can have 12v. EDIT: I do not speak English. I did not want to be impolite. sorry.

No there’s no 12V

And i didnt know who you were addressing your message because you replied to yourself

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There is no 12V output and there is no 5V output that you could connect your lamps

EDIT: better don’t connect anything to Unity apart battery meter to that aux port


The 5V output can handle under 1A, too little for any lights. That is what kugelis means


@juanmik plugging a light into any of that is a bad idea. It’s a better idea to use a separate system.

If you want to pull 5V from the Unity against the advice of everyone, there is +5V for the servo wire (that connects to remote receiver). But, I would not pull more than a few hundred milliamps from it. You can kill your Unity.

If you wanted to use that 5V as a digital signal to turn on another system, that’s better than pulling the lighting power from it.


Pulling too much amps from 5V shouldn’t permanently damage anything, but it will cause the unit to shutoff/reset until the drain is removed.


Having fun with Unity! A few questions.

First, I turned on “push to start” but it doesn’t seem to work yet. How long do I push to start? Can the power switch be connected? Or must it be disconnected?

I accepted the default values for cutoff start, cuttoff end, and discharge currents, max motor current, etc. Is there a better way to set these values?

My board screams. Screams. I’m afraid to ride it. Can you provide some ballpark values for this? 12S4P, 200Kv Motors


For push to start, takes a few good sustained pushes for the mcu to latch.

I would only perform the motor detection then leave all the other value default… they are pretty descent

It all seems to work… I noticed on the motor detection one motor has a little different values than the other. The diagrams are different: one has a dot in the circle arrow the other does not. Does that make sense?

Yeah that makes sense. The diagram is a visual representation of the previous foc hall table

One of your hall sensors inside your motor might be wonky. But i think, need @Deodand to confirm, you only need 2 out 3 sensors operational for a good startup. As long as the hall detection is consistent, you’re good

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here is the picture


Ah, your halls tables look perfectly normal, nothing wonky there

Correct me If I’m wrong @billappleton

but I think he is referring to this