FocBox, Vesc, ESK8 Controller

Hi is there anyone who have some ESC for sale ? i need 2 and want them used in FOC so no Maytech Vesc.

Vesc* You are better off getting an Foc Box since they are optimized for FOC. TB :stuck_out_tongue:Vesc’s can be risky.

You have not bin long enough here, yet you speak like a expert you dare speak bad of a ollin vesc those things were undestructable


Ollin vescs’s are not risky. Get back on your buttboard dude.

@MatwoSvK Don’t listen to anything @ZackoryCramer says. Just read his posts. :wink:


thanks for help to decide but i wanna buy some where i can buy some Ollin Vesc then ?

Bin here one month speaks as a exspert. He wasn’t even in the forum when ollin left. That man did so much for the community respect and props to him, his vesc were one of the best things to be bestowed upon legendary vesc’s


Ollin is no longer in the diy community, hes moved on from diy and gravitated to building his company as a product board, that’s how most companies do it start as diy selling kits and motors and then as there ready they leave the diy scene and go into complete boards

Technically Vescs are escs so there was nothing wrong with saying esc in the first place. And Ollin vescs are gonna be hard to find if you want them new because they aren’t being made anymore. Focboxes will be a good option if you plan to run foc and new vescs. There could be some floating around that people are reselling from the Black Friday sale.

I have order on Focboxes from cyber monday but there not going to be shipped by the end of February , so i have enough of waiting i want some good now ,

Hi MatwoSvk,

Ollin doesn’t produce VESC at this time. The 2 “reliable” vesc for focs that are on the market from the vendors right now are FocBoxes and Trampa’s Vesc 6

Unfortunately FocBoxs are backordered to god knows when, I have a black friday order in that hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Trampa’s Vesc 6 is in stock but are pretty expensive. You can find it here @trampa is very responsive and helpful if you have questions.

I also won’t completely write off TB Vescs. @torqueboards Dexter had been very responsive and helpful at the failures that I have encountered.

Bottom line is all vesc can fail. They are brittle. FocBoxs aren’t bullet proof, I killed one not too long ago. Having strong customer support is extremely important in my opinion and for that @torqueboards and @trampa had been great to me so far.

Also its not just the hardware, the firmware is important too, ever since moving onto ackmanic’s firmware I had zero issue with all my vesc.

Vanda’s VESC is a normal VESC as any other…VANDA VESC would probably fail on the same place as TB VESC did…

Axle (or axel?) VESC used to have really good reputation, but I dont think they make them anymore :confused: I would w8 for FOCBOX or try to get it from someone on forum…

Focbox is a vesc

I never said it wasn’t.

Actually it’s 3 “reliable” options.

There is the 1.1 controller. I’ve not tested these myself but didn’t here anything bad about them. @esk8 produces them.

Edit: and I forgot @stewii with his ESCape


Nice! first time I seen them. Looks like they come with an enclosure and all. The more the merrier when it comes to motor controllers

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You can always go down the non VESC route. FVT’s sleeping lion seem to be a popular choice among trampa riders. 12s up to 120 amp (vs 60 on vesc 2.14 and 80 on vesc 6)

IDEA uses them and he’s a pretty reputable builder here,

Probably the best option for the money but I think even if he order now the FOCBOXes of @MatwoSvK would arrive earlier :laughing:

@MatwoSvK do you need them for street or mountainboard?

I had esk8 4.12 controller running in FOC in 10S on my MTB without any problems. Also I have the 1.1 controller with direct fets and upgraded parts.

I started with cheap HW with no warranty/support and can’t recommend it. When you order from @esk8 or @trampa you have warranty and/or repair service and get great customer support. That’s the reason why I don’t order FOCBOXes in europe (in case of failure the shipping costs to australia and back would be too high).

Waiting for controllers :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Forum, i got Flagded cause i said what i thing of DIY Electric skateboard shop.

To the esk8 1.1 controller. The new Productions was finish middle of February. They was the esk8 1.2 controller. We have some Parts making another on the PCB, but only that you can better repairing the Parts, but I think that was not necessary. We have from the last productions only two broken esk8 1.1 controller. The esk8 1.2 was only by the connectors a little bit another. We have build a 2Pin connector more on the PCB so that you can now connecting there your LCD Battery monitor. And so you can now using this as your can see your voltage, and the light from the LCD was your control light that you can see that the board was on. We have testing now under 12S and FOC, there was running without problem. But you must looking by the Motor that you don’t going high with the KV.

Regards Attila from