Focbox vs. Flipsky FSESC 6.6


I know there is no real answer to this question but nonetheless, I would like to hear some opinions on this matter anyway. I am in desperate need of a new ESC for a single drive and wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday deals. I am from the EU. Therefore, I have the following options:

  1. Focbox + warranty + shipping = 144€
  2. Flipsky FSESC 6.6 without warranty + shipping = 130€

What would you guys choose? Is 6.6 worth missing out on the warranty?

Thank you everyone!

Tried and tested vs something that will probably work.

I have used a flipsky dual 4.20, 6.6 dual, 6.6 singles and a 4.12 single and they are all on the shelf now. Focboxes still rolling though.


Which issues you had with the dual 6.6?

Focbox > flipsky < TB


One doa and the replacement was sold here to a forum member and he’s had to send it back to them in China already for repair.

Not worth the hassle afaik

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I did group buys for a lot of the 6.6 and they did well and the few that broke, possibly user error, they offered to fix if sent back

@winfly is doing another go so u can get it cheap.

Think I will go with the Focbox then. It probably won’t be my last ESC so I might check out Flipsky later on.

Unity sell for 199 right now on enertion website

how is this even a question lol

What for dual setups? For me it would be comparing 400€ vs 230€. Is double focbox really 130€ better than the dual fsesc 6.6?

How about single motor setups as well? And is the warranty worth it on the focbox?

I would choose flipsky if you are going over 60000 erpm, if not I might consider focbox instead. But you can order Unity for that price and I would take Unity over both. Here you can se a size compare I did between flipsky 6.6 and Unity: IMG_20181114_163104

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I think you have that backwards. Focbox > flipsky hamds down. Plus the focbox has a 100,000 erpm. And most newer 4.12 hw can handle over 60,000.

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Not from the test I have done. Maby focbox> flipsky 4.12 but not 6.6. With the 6.6 I did get better and smoother performance with 6.6 then focbox. It was also not as warm as the Focbox. However the Unity have been superior from the small test I have done so far. Please show me a video with Focbox doing 65 000 erpm or more

… Forget I said anything.

Actually that is not the price… the $199 unity is only offered as an add-on if you purchase the hub motors which cost over $500!!! Otherwise its $300 for a unity preorder…$400 regular price

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Sorry it was never my intention to sound snotty. You might be right I havnt tested my self the Focbox that high erpm but I have seen alot of them blow but maby I’m wrong and their is other reasons for that…

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