Focbox vs VESC which is better

car escs maybe last and are the safest bet for durability or maybe the vesc on bldc program will last too. I only ever want to use foc though.

What is better? Pepsi or coke?

Coke, hate Pepsi


I see you see what I did there. I see what u did from what u saw of what I did.

It has warranty.


Any thoughts still? Focbox or Flipsky?

Still hung on the fence on this very topic. Ordered a cheap DIYE for my old board, but going all out on the Hummie Deck.

Car ESC? I still have a dual car Alien Car 12s from 5? years ago that im sure works, but cant program till I find an older PC. The software won’t read any COM port other than COM1 on my win 10, and bad things will happen if I circumnavigate that haha.

Flipsky is half the price and I really don’t wanna try to find the reason. Go with focbox, way nicer done, has aluminum heatsink, nothing sticking out ready to be broken… Enertion is here for you 24/7, nothing against fipsky… I would go (I am going with 2) focboxes

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