Focbox wont connect to tool. Help!

Im trying to help my brother after he used countless hours trying to figure this out. Thought i had an idea and used older posts, but unfortunately nothing wanna work as intended.

The problem is the focbox is not seen by the vesc-tool…

So i read and read and people seemed to use a stlink to upload new bootloader or firmware. It would not allow me to do so. :confused: “unable to run verification”

So now i need your knowledge.

Does your computer recognize a device has been plugged in when you connect your vesc?

I’m having a problem with one of mine where it’s not recognized by Windows or the bldc tool. Hope someone might know what’s up here…

I am able to see it in device manager, but nothing in the tool :confused:

And is your micro usb cable able to do data transfer? That’s a common issue people have.

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tried more than 10 usb cables, pretty sure most of them should be able to do data transfer.

Hmmm, I don’t know then. Maybe @CarlCollins can help whenever the Aussies wake up.

Yeah im just hoping someone have any ideas :slight_smile: thanks tho. image

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You probably already saw the post from 2018, but did you try this?

Step 1: Right click on start menu and select device manager

Step 2: Go to Ports (COM & LPT)

Step 3: Delete all COM Drivers by right clicking on each one and selecting uninstall

Step 4: Restart Your System and Open Device Manager again to see Which COM ports appears (because some of the systems has multiple attachments attached that’s why multiple COM ports might appear)

Step 5: Download this driver package:

Step 6: Extract it and Run “ VCP_V1.4.0_Setup.exe ” (Make sure you run it as Administrator)

Step 7: After Installation, Connect your FOCBOX to the system

Step 8: Check Device manager if STmicroelectronics appear with COM PORT Number Under Ports (COM & LPT) note that number in your mind

Step 9: Run BLDC/VESC tool and select that COM port from the drop down which you’ve noted in your mind.

Didn’t work for me though :confused:

Strange its involving 2 focboxes right and seems like only one of them is able to be recognised by the computer.

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Nope didnt do it for me either :confused: i may need to wait for the aussie :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your issue is fixed or not?

Nope i have not

I would like to inspect both of them using a remote access to your Windows PC

Sure. The only problem is time difference. And i cant Seem to see one of Them on The computer. But definetly give it a try

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Let me know when you are ready

You Got time now?

Available now

I am available for next 4 hours now

Ill be home in less tHan an hour

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Alright, waiting for you