Focboxes @ Enertion cyber monday sale

for those looking to get one or two focbox during enertions cyber Monday sale and are coming in under the 200eur threshold for free shipping, you’re more than welcome to piggy back on my order.

shipping from me to you, within the US, is $4.50.


I’ll probably get some from you

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On the site it says 200$, maybe its lower for EU folks.

for me.

@thisguyhere is located in 'Merca

I’m gonna try to pick up 2 FOCBOX’s and a nano remote when the sale starts, but if I’m more than 3 seconds late and they’re all sold out, I’ll be coming to you. Lol

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looks like it’s 200eur converted to usd

…perhaps it maybe reffer to Australian Dollars, no?

I was planning on getting two, but that is still less than the $200 minimum… i may jump in with ya on this one. You would really just want the cost + shipping? That’s mighty kind of you

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I already have one in hand, but need one more, or maybe I get three. I’ll get with you a few hours beforehand if the other two aren’t needed…

Just talked to enertion chat. Shipping is free if its over 200 AUS dollars. Pretty sure like 1 controller and a remote would cover it.

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there u go then

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But who knows if ‘Carl’ was being legit. All i know is you sir, are a GB gem. And there’s a lot of people that benefit from your tenacity. Thanks @thisguyhere.


Is there something similar going on for Europeans?


I’m interested as well.

Yea im interested also in this

I asked on the enertion chat if there is a limited amount on the sale and the reply was…

“We will take all orders and ship them out gradually”

So I guess that there could be some wait for some parts. Just be aware if anyone does an EU group buy that there will very likely be import charges applied as they ship from China with a reputable courier who will clock the value of these parts. I also asked if all parts will ship together and was assured that all parts will come from together from China. (so just 1 import charge)

Think that the total cost will be about 130$ or so with the customs and their fees

Sounds about right. You could always get a nice surprise though and they could slip through! (never happens to me)

Never use dhl they are the worst with customs

Shipping is free if order is over $200usd.

Or over $260aud.

Same as written on the sale page.