FOCing Hell! What do you call a group of raptors?

This is what one of the floors at Street Wing HQ currently looks like:

raptors which leads me to the question - what is the correct term for a group of Raptors? Is it a flock of Raptors? Possibly a Murder?


A drive by. Also pls rename title to FOCing Hell.


good suggestion!

A murder is for crows I believe. A “Drive by” would be cool. There aren’t many group nouns for dinosaurs in general and none specifically of the velociraptor sooo… make one up?

Correct. I think it’s called Jurassic World. Badumtss jurassic-world-chris-pratt-dinosaur-whisperer


Haha… I see what you did there

I believe the correct term would be clusterFOC. As in “I found myself surrounded by a clusterFOC of Raptors.”


A raptor is a bird of prey like a falcon. The plural is just raptors.

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Of course. We are just tryna be creative over here.

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It would be cool if it was called a ‘deception’ of Velociraptors