Fogstar 30Q batteries

Has anyone bought batteries from fogstar in the uk?

I’ve got a quote from them of £162 for 50x 30q delivered in the UK which seems pretty reasonable… is there anyone cheaper and are fogstar reputable?

got mine there too, quick delivery

4.6gbp for one 30q? thats really expensive compared to nkon

£3.24 ea buying 50 delivered including vat…

this is what I have

at 3.24gbp the price is same as nkon for 50pc maybe it was some sale or something?

You have to order through their wholesale page, at the top right of your screenshot.

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for reviving this old thread. My name is Ben and I am the MD of Fogstar Ltd. I appreciate since this post, battery prices have dropped somewhat. But i’d like to bring you all amazing prices on Samsung 30Q, Samsung 40T etc with cheap europewide shipping.

My current forum rank doesn’t allow me to contact admins or obtain clearance to post certain deals we have, and it would be great if someone could point me in the direction of how to obtain these rights, and permission to post them. Thanks!


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use this forum its where everyone is now… https://forum./

this forum is being left to die

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