For people who used Turnigy motors, how did you connect the motor pulley?

How did you guys attach the motor pulley to the shaft of the Turnigy motor? The shaft doesn’t have a keyway and the shaft seems very smooth to screw it in. Don’t know how to connect those two components in order to transfer all the power of the motor to the wheel… :confused:

File flat spot, use grub screw. Loctite optional.

I would imagine filing down a flat spot for the motor shaft would take forever, especially that its metal.

I can attest to it not taking forever. More like 20 mins.

Is there some video on exactly how to do it? And exactly where I should do it? If it were to do it, I really dont feel like screwing it up.

if you have a dremel it’s not too bad. or get a metal file.

I wouldn’t say loctite is optional, it’s almost necessary. loctite red, use a heatgun to release it later.


okay… im getting more and more convinced to file… where do I file it? so i file something as if I am making a keyway or file as if i am making a D-shaped shaft?

Use a vice to hold the motor. Wrap the motor in plastic and tape to avoid metal shaving in your motor. File evenly side to side, once a flat spot appears it gets easier.

Filing a flat spot is much easier than cutting a keyway.

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And you think a flat spot will be more than sufficient to keep the grub screw from slipping?

Flat spots are necessary for the grub screw to not slip.

Yes, one of my pulleys is only held on by a grub screw. I didn’t file a good enough flat spot the first time, so it would slip and spin. After a better filing job, it’s on there good. Loctite all grub screws.

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Also when you file the flat top make sure to cover the entire motor so that the debri doesnt get inside because it might damage your motor. I’ve used a plastic bag before and also masking tape to cover it

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just loctite it on dude…

JensoBro here demonstrates putting the motor drive gear on and removing it with pictures


On my Evo, which is dual 6374 and has 25mm pulleys belts, I am using a single grub screw on a flat spot and green loktite. They have never moved.

Yes, they are not optional. Only if you use a keyway then the flatspots are not needed any more

Just use loctite 638 or 648. You don´t have to file anything.

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Just grub screw. Or you can use red Loctite and a closely bored hole in the pulley. I did the red loctite and it worked, but a pita to remove the pulley such that you need one of those press.

Okay so lemme revisit this problem. I got a motor pulley and now it has a key included. Should I make a keyway on the motor shaft and if so, how?

Making a keyway on the motor shaft is doable, but not easy. Search this forum or ES to find examples.

A keyway is nice, but not necessary. You can still secure the pulley using only the set screws. Just make sure you grind flat spots on the motor shaft for the set screws to hold.