FOR SALE! 12S Single drive esk8 -sold-

A few months ago i became a Lucky owner of an outstanding esk8. Although I’m in need money for my college and the rainy season is coming, that’s why I’m putting this on sale.

Bought it from @daanstoorvogel Topic : Old topic

Specs : Oxello Longboard Bamboo Bauhaus TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller 2x Zippy flight max 6s 5000MAH TB - Single Motor 2200W Electric Skateboard Electrical Kit

  • Consisting of: (1) 6355 Motor, 2650 Watts / 230KV, 80Amp, 63mm x 55mm, 8mm shaft. (1) 12S 120Amp ESC Speed Controller (1) 12S UBEC (1) ESC Card
  • IMAX Charger

The wiring makes it easy to switch between series (12s) and parrallel (6s)

Top Speed Calculations Weighted Top Speed 30.89 mph / 49.71 kph

I’d prefer shipping within Europe, if it’s across Europe shipping will cost more.

How much are you looking for? (GBP)

500$ for the package

£500? or is that euros?

500 in USD

500$ = 383 GBP

Would take the set for 400€

How much would the total be in Euro´s to ship to the Netherlands?

Thanks in advance!

Would be very easy and cheap because im also located in The Netherlands :wink:

I have a couple of questions: How is the skateboard rangewise and how long does it take to charge? And where could I try it and maybe pick it up?

Charging time , 1 hour and 30 minutes per battery. Range on 6s about 20km, on 12s 15km. Living in ‘‘De Westereen’’, 20 minutes from Leeuwarden

How much for the remote

I’m really interested, but it’s kinda hard for me to get to your hometown… But I’m sure I’ll figure it out :wink:

Ofcourse, shipping within Netherlands is also an option

Yeah but I kinda wanna try it first before I buy it. Maybe you can send it after I pay and then I can try it and then I can decide if I send it back or keep it.

I fully understand, had the same situation over here! Take your time!

How much would it cost to send everything within the Netherlands?

And is the board fully working like it is supposed to? And can you maybe type out a how to; charging, controller pairing etc. ?

Shipping in Netherlands cost 12€. The board is working 100%, took it yesterday for a last cruise and everything is fine.

For programming the esc check this video: 12s ESC tutorial Pairing is easy, just turn the controller on and off twice. Charging is a bit complicater, you gotto set the right settings. You can charge 1 battery per time or you need a bms for parallel charging. I’ve setted up the settings so they should be fine, just make sure to put it on balanced charge. I can always help you out.

Gonna count my money when I get home to see if I can afford to buy it right now and still have some left in case of accidents or something.

I got another buyer in pm, hes located in England but is willing to pay the shipping. He was first so well see that first