[FOR SALE] 15ply Vertigo Trampa Urban Carver | Roadside Trampa Carbon Enclosure | Dual Trampa 136KV Motor | Trampa Motor Mount | Dual Enertion VESC-X | 12S4P Li-ion with 60A BMS | Enertion Nano-x Remote | 50.4V 4A charger

Selling my beloved board :confused: I just realised that I have ridden it only like 10 times since I had built it… the new baby, full-time job + some part-time work and writing my MA thesis all make it just impossible to ride it enough to justify having such an expensive piece of equipment stored in my closet 24/7 :frowning:

The board has:

15ply 35º Street Carver deck (with holes drilled for the bindings - binding included: see below)

silver springs

visible here

matt black superstar rim

visible here

black anodised spokes

visible here - same pic as above

7-inch grey Innova inline tyres & tubes

5ply roadside Trampa enclosure

freshly applied Jessup grip tape

Trampa motor mounts (with two horisontal bars modded in for stability and cable security)

during assembly

the horisontal bars visible here

14 tooth motor pulley ("the allrounder" + standard Trampa 66 tooth slave pulley + 7 inch tires = max speed of 46KPH (28MPH)

right there in the very middle of the pic

two Enertion VESC-Xes (also stabily attached to the backbone)

12S4P li-ion battery made with 48 Samsung 25R (mounted on a tufnol backbone, so it doesn't fly and bump around inside of the enclosure when you ride, and the wooden spine makes it 100% bump proof; each individual pack quadruple insulated),

12S4P li-ion with 60A BMS

top-side voltmeter at the front of the deck

and how it looks from the bottom wires running in a grove from the enclosure to the voltmeter seald with Sugru

top-side, screw-on, 100% waterproof charging socket at the back of the deck

50.4V 4A charger (with active cooling)

2x anti-spark XT-90 loop key as designed by @sl33py

Enertion Nano-x remote

ratchet bindings - black straps on black foam with bronze L brackets & ratchets + heel straps with black ratchets

all wiring done with 10 AWG wires

the 3D-printed enclosure for GT2B and the GT2B's broken internals (refusing to bond)

Flex-test vid (66kg/171cm)

I was building it for myself and done everything super clean to make the whole thing last - and I am convinced I’ts gonna last you a lifetime. The modular battery is my design, made in such a way to minimize the risk of the thing catching fire as much as possible and I do find it to be the safest design out there - also convinced it’s not gonna fail like ever. And it’s basically new, and everything is in more or less pristine a condition.

I’d let it go for about 3000 EUR EU shipped

and if you really plan on buying it and have any doubt, please read the original thread - there’s everything documented there step by step: BIEDA Board | 15ply Vertigo Trampa Urban Carver | Roadside Trampa Carbon Enclosure | Dual Trampa 136KV Motor | Trampa Motor Mount | Dual Enertion VESC-X | 12S4P Li-ion with 60A BMS | 2.4Ghz Remote - ESK8 Builds - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board or don’t hesitate to contact me via PM.


Would you be willing to part out? :smile:

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:smiley: Sorry, @Mich21050, but I’m afraid that won’t be possible :wink: Do tell me what you’d like tho plz! (just out of curiosity :wink: )

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Sorry I´m not really interrested I just wanted to ask. :smile: By the way, I like the way you wrote it. (with the expandable pictures) :wink:

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You can get a la croix for 2000 new

2300$ for the small version, without tax +350$ shipping :scream: :thinking: just to be exact :sweat_smile: So not really more cheap…


I’d be interested in one, or both, of the 136kv Trampa motors if you were to decide to part it out.

bump 10char

Intresting. Have a very similar board, but spurr drive. If you get this sold i wanna sell myn too lol. Then i can build two!

Send me a picture s of your s and price? Thx Garry

Price drop, lads and lasses!

2800EUR EU shipped

Price drop!

2700EUR EU shipped


Spring is comming, sirs! You’ll all wanna ride when it gets warm :wink:

might as well get a kaly for this price, has a way better battery too…

O rly? And can you get Kaly without paying customs tax inside of the EU? Or does Kaly let you haggle for the price? Or does he ship to the EU for free? Does he, @never4getf150forums?


I’d be interested in wheels and pulleys if you did ever want to part out

I got very similar build and I love it! Do not worry about haters, I can clearly see you put a lot of work and love in this board. Definitely worth the price.

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I’ll totally let you know if I decide to part out, mate!

Thanks, bro! Yeah, someone who’s never went through his own build will just never get what it takes… And so congrats on your board! :slight_smile: Riding your own build is like smoking a homegrown, innit? :wink:

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Riding your own diy board while smoking homegrown is one of the best thing in your life :slight_smile: