For sale: 16T / 36T Pulley kit + 2x belt [used]

Disassembled my old street board and got some parts to sell!

Used wheel and motor pulley. Bought from diyelectricskateboard a while ago, now waiting for someone who can use them again. Comes with one used and one spare new belt (255mm).

  • 36T ABEC 11 Drive Wheel Pulley (12mm width)
  • 16T Motor Pulley (12mm width)
  • M6x50 Stainless Steel Bolts
  • 36T ABEC 11 Retainer

If you’re interested and you live somewhere in Europe let me know and they’re yours! I’m located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, pickup or shipping, your choice.

Price: €35,- excl. shipping.

You really need to combine these for sale items into a single thread. It will be easier to manage for you and wont clutter the feed with half a dozen threads.


I’ve got 4 things for sale. Could have combined my two motors. But other than that they have nothing to do with each other. So I think it’s fine like this. When people start to comment it is easier this way. But thnx for the tip, will use it next time.

width? belt length? pulley fits abec 11 originals? info would be useful :slight_smile:

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Whoops, updated the post!


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It’s not that the items has nothing to do with each other rather that you are the same seller and all items belongs to you


what else are you selling id be interested ya much for shipping and whats best price?

What is the inside diameter of the hole in the small pulley (for on the motor)? Because I have a motor with a 1cm thick shaft (oja ik woon in groningen))

Not sure, it fits the SK3. I’m at work so I can’t measure it right now.

SK3 192kv and a Loaded vanguard deck. Shoot me a PM with your location and I can estimate shipping costs.