[For sale] 1x 16s4p, 2x 16s2p LiIon battery packs

Selling battery packs, all 3 packs have a BMS i guess? There’s a pcb with Mosfets and Resistors with the batteries. Cells are LG 3500 mAh, 10A Big green one (2x16s2p = 16s4p) 400€ Blue ones (16s2p) each 200€

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Seems like great prices but what on earth is running 16s?

scooters, ebike, some golf mobiles etc. :joy:

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Hey, I may be interested, what’s the history of these batteries, how’s the life on them, I hate to say it but I need a 10s3p battery pack and that 16s2p looks like a good contender :wink: let me get this correct, a 10s3p pack with 3500mah cells will be a 10s3p 10500mah battery pack? (3500*3=10500)

Hi @SpeedyGornzallez sent you a pm. Yea, the 10s3p pack will have 10,5 Ah. Just keep in mind that the cells have a discharge rate of 10A so 3p could result in lower performance (depends on the rest of your build ofc), also mentioned this in the pm.

Did you make the blue one?

@Gabriel_Robinson No I didn’t, it’s is a prebuilt battery pack.