For sale: 2 nearly complete boards, Rocket boards hollow core deck, 52x brand new Samsung 30Q, Boss level spot welder with battery

Leaving Esk8 for awhile, sad to see these go but I just don’t have the time anymore. I gotta sell everything.


First board cost like $1500 to build?

Hummie deck

Big Ben enclosure

SR TKP trucks with 80mm axles

Bergmeister pneumatics with custom 56t pulleys

Senor Pepe 90mm with custom 32t pulleys

12s4p flexy pack that I built with a Bestech D596

Focbox Unity

TB 6374 190kv motors with 16t pulleys

Psychotiller quick66 mounts

Mini remote

2a charger

Needs one motor fixed or replaced. The magnets have came loose so either you could swap out the can or you could battle harden them and I’m sure that’d hold them in place

20190808_232007 20190808_232417 20190808_232542

2nd board “Spud Lightyear” cost like $1100 as it sits?

Jet Spud 29"

Jlab 11s3p Samsung 30q with bestech D140 and 3a charger

Metr bluetooth module

Maytech 100a vescs

Freebord bindings with Cerakoted bases

SR TKP trucks with “Space Ranger” engraving

Boardnamics 50mm motor mounts also Cerakoted

Dual 5065 170kv sealed maytech motors 16t pulleys

Orangatang 80mm 83a kegels with 32t pulleys

Nano remote

Extra belts, ppm splitter (to run the switch in parallel) and extra switch

Ran this board as a single 6355 for awhile until I snapped my mount and broke the motor at the same time. Started to convert it to Dual Diagonal 5065 but haven’t had time to finish it. One of the vescs needs to be checked out, I plugged it in and it never worked for me.

20190808_232234 20190808_232259 20190808_232704 20190809_002309 [SOLD]52x Samsung 30q brand new, paid €158.19 ~ $177

Rocket boards hollow core deck paid $186 shipped


Boss Level Spot Welder with 2x wands and a 6000mah 65c graphene battery, paid like $175?


Anyway, I will be driving from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Ephraim, Utah this weekend. And then returning back to Fayetteville later next week. If anyone that is interested and you’re along my route that’d be awesome if we could meet up along the way instead of having the items shipped.


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Dibs on the Senor Pepe wheels! Interested in the first board.

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Could you maybe ship the spot welder to the UK? City is Reading. Just google Reading, UK. Here’s a sample address

43 Spencer Rd




note this is not my actual address

PMing you about maytech vescs, tkp trucks and spud deck

Shoulda been clear, I’d like to sell the boards as is and not part them out. I’ll let them go for pretty cheap.


Sold the 30Qs

if you going to part out how much for the esc?

Ay dios mío :man_facepalming:t2:

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