[For Sale] 2wd 107mm TB6355 Assembly, 36v4a Charger, ShredLights

To make room for new things this year I have to move some old parts. I would like to avoid parting these out b/c it’s just a pain in the ass. Offers are encouraged.

All items are US Shipped (Colorado) USPS included with purchase. No international shipping.

($225) Wheel Assembly: Dual TB6355 190KV motors, 2x TB motor mounts, Evolve 107 ABEC wheels, Venom bushings (Barrel Barrel, Barrel Cone), TB180mm Trucks, Bones Red Bearings

Only sold as a complete set. I just changed the wheel and motor bearings so there should be a lot of life left in these. The wheels are a bit chunked along the edges (it happens :P). One of the hex set screws on the motor mount is stripped. Set screws on the pullies are upgrades to cap hex screws. Trucks are themselves in great condition! Please send me a message if you have any questions.

($45) Luna Cycle 36v (10s) 4A charger

This charger has a little knob on the side where you can set the max charge to either 100, 90, or 80%. Great for getting a couple more charges out of your battery. It’s a great charger from a great company.

($20) ShredLights Front Combo

These are a nice little thing for low-light conditions. It comes with lights, another set of mounting plates, and a dual USB charger. Note that these aren’t like the ones they sell today. For some reason, the plastic front is 3d printed. If that doesn’t bother you, they work great!

($45) Enertion Remote

Everyone’s favorite remote. It comes with all the original accessories.

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Would you ship shred lights to uk if I pay?

I can pay right now and pay for shipping costs

Wait, what version shredlights are those? Never seen that design before.

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TBH I have no clue. They were a gift to along with another purchase on here. I am assuming they are really old :stuck_out_tongue:

saw your edit. Do you have more pictures of them? Close ups for example

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Here ya go,



You also might want to post this on the god like forum instead of this dead place.

Nice Ikea table btw

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Would you be able to pm me a link? I guess I’m not up to date on all of the fourm stuff :stuck_out_tongue:



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