FOR SALE: 33” Kicktail Deck | Dual Vesc6 ESCape | Dual 6374 Maytech motors | 12S | HCX-223V1 BMS

Also throwing in a custom 0-55v charger that you can charge via bluetooth.

Includes hm10 bluetooth module for telemetry.

Here is a picture of the included charger which can charge from 2S-12S at 0 to 5.00amps:

Reason for selling: got five boards none much ridden. Need to lighten my portfolio…lol

Price: $800 shipped + 2% paypal


A little off topic, but is there a guide somewhere on how to build that charger? I remember looking through the thread but there wasn’t a set of instructions or a full set of links (that I can remember).

Good luck with the sale :grinning:

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It’s all in here

Legit question: why mounting the motors just below the kicktail? Isn’t that making it un-usable ? :thinking:

I can perfectly kick turn with it. Now if i placed them facing forward there would be very little room for dual VESC6 and 12S battery. The motor mounts are adjustable so you can get them closer to the deck

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What kind of battery do you have one this? A little more info would have helped :grin:

Sorry yeah I have a build thread somewhere… its a 12S turnigy 6S x 2 high discharge battery. 65-130C its supposed to be the best lipos you can get i have literally only charged it once so you have 1,000 cycles left on it

What kind of wheels are those?

They are 90mm blanks

Still for sell