For sale cheap dual hub motor and esc $70

hi have a esc and 2 dual hub motors from a pre-built board however moving on to a new diy board so selling these pieces they have done around 50km and arent the most expensive parts but are usable for a first or cheap build $70 plus shipping i live in the uk from board made by the company yeeplay please pm for offers thank you will send pictures soon

$50 with shipping

I hate these threads why do we continuously comment that the price is too high.

Let the seller try and sell in their land of delerium, and let them be. If someone wants to get suckered info buying something at a price it’s not worthy of, I think it should be chalked up to a learning experience and then you just move forward from that…


Im negotiating ,

50 with Shipping


I see is someone making an offer and someone getting pissed about it. Am I missing anything right here? :joy::joy::joy:.


Haven’t you seen his threads lul


No I haven’t!! They must be pretty bad then :joy:

70 you pay shipping

A picture paints a thousand words

k will send when i get home from school

Interested in knowing more