For Sale Custom Deck

Hey guys as some of you guys know I do custom deck. I have a deck it was going to be the board I used for my build but with the drop down my motor or mount probably would have hit the deck.

So I want to offer doing a custom deck for members here. The deck is 8 Plys of American Hard Rock Maple the measurements would are 40.5” long by 10” wide. The wheel base is 31.5”. There is a slight narrowing of the board going to the center.

I have posted some of the boards that I have done in the picture thread. This would be a full custom of just the deck all my work is done by hand and I will do or at least try any graphic you would like on the deck. The board is finished off with 4-5 coats of spar urethane on top including the glass grip and leave the top graphic crystal clear. The glass is like the lucid grip brand but more durable because it’s brushed on

I am looking for $170 shipped in the continental US. You can see all my designs I have done on my Instagram Boney Boards Instagram


that is a sick looking deck bro :+1:


@briman05 Do you press and make these decks yourself dude?

@ryanflick you might be interested

Edit: @squishy654 Currently I do not I have a company do them for me since I am living in a small beach apartment. The company I use only does large quantity orders for brands. Once I have a house that has a big enough space I plan on doing the boards myself.

I’m including some examples of what I have done so you guys get a feel for what I can do. All of it is wood burned and painted by hand.

My Instagram will have everything that I have done these just so the wide range that I have done for people who don’t have Instagram


This blank deck is still available and like I said earlier this is a fully customizable deck where you tell me what you want and I will burn it into the deck. I can also add colors to the burn

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