For sale: Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20, Flipsky FSESC 6

Got these through hummie’s GBs but got some extras to get rid of.

These are on hand, ships immediately.

Dual FSESC4.20 + Heatsink

5 4 2 of these on hand.

$115 shipped in US, $120 (or so) the world (add 3% for goods & services).

Although I haven’t verified myself, these are known to be unreliable for 12s. I’ve only got 12s builds so don’t really need them.

Recommended for 10s bldc / foc, or 12s bldc builds.


FSESC 6.6 (single, no button)

Have 3 1, possibly 2 if someone wants a pair.

$120 shipped in US, $125 (or so) the world (add 3% for goods & services).

Got these to put into two new builds using hummie’s cutout decks but esc are just a bit too wide. Didn’t want to route out the deck so they’ve gone unused.


paypal: [email protected]

Check for bits and pieces here to group shipping:


The 4.20 dual- so I can use that for a mountainboard as long as it’s 10s right? I haven’t seen any long term reviews if it. Yes, I know it’s a relatively new product.

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I am interested in two FSESC 6.6 for my dual drive trampa mountainboard. How much would the total cost be (including shipping to the netherlands) and how long would the shipping take?

i think the jury is still out, i can’t say definitively on their performance. general consensus seems to be lower amp setting on 10s is ok. 12s people are getting cutouts in foc, works ok in bldc.

shipping to NL should be about $12 for the two and takes about ten days or so. so two fesc6 will be $230 ($115 a piece) plus $12, so $242 shipped.

Okay I will take two. I’ll send you a private message

I’ll take a 4.20 Dual if you still have any available. PM and PayPal forthcoming.

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I wish you put the dual 4.20 up for sale earlier because I got mine from hummie’s GB for $130 lol

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If you still have a dual 4.20 available I’d love to take it off your hands!

yup, got some left.

i can have it out to you today if i see payment come through.

details in original post.

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I know this thread is a bit older, but maybe you have a 4.2 dual left? Thanks!

Also interested if you have any duals left! Lmk

Pm for a dual pleas

Sorry yalls, all gone.

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