For sale/free shipping: 10s BMS, power e-switch, arduino board, 12s/13s BMS Chinese, full length trampa battery enclosure

Free shipping to US only

Mboards e switch: brand new never used. SOLD

Mboards 10s BMS brand new never opened. $15

Trampa battery tray 70cm brand new never used. SOLD

Brand new arduino board sealed in package. Make me an offer.

Red Chinese 12s/13s BMS never used. $20

Seller said it can be used as a 12s if you leave off the last Pin.


Would you take $40 for the battery tray?

I will give you $60 for the on/off and both BMSs shipped if you can’t find anyone else.

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I think the power switch is spoken for but how’s $30 (shipped) sound for both BMS’s?


I’ll do $50. It’s gonna cost $10-15 for me to ship.

I could do $45 F&F tonight

I can buy the 12s bms for the price you indicated. Is it available?

Is the mboard bms still available?

Is the 12s BMS still available?