For Sale - high Quality Firefly Remote Shells. Kits and Completes coming soon

With Solidgeeks blessing I am now offering high quality firefly shells for sale, made in the UK.

These shells are printed on an Ultimaker S5 using water soluble PVA supports. Once the print has finished I simply put the shells in a bath for a little while and the PVA dissolves leaving an excellent finish. Obviously this increases costs slightly as you need to use two filaments (including very very expensive PVA) but you get exceptional quality prints.


I intend to make some kits and/completes if there is any interest. I have ordered enough parts to make 5 remotes but they won’t be here for a month so in the meantime I am offering these shells as they are.

Orange is ABS, lemon is CPE (think PETG with a high chemical resistance) and the black is Nylon.

I can offer these in any colour combo from these three colours, my intention is to sell these and then buy more materials so I can offer more colours.

20180822_135535 20180822_13540320180822_135559

The ABS/CPE ones are £25 each plus postage The Nylon one is £30 plus postage (Nylon is expensive!)

All sales include a royalty to Solidgeek for his excellent work.

I only have these ones in stock at the moment, the printer is queued for the next two weeks and then I can offer more.




Interested in an orange and blue combo for nylon! Hoping those can be an option in the future. Just got my firefly now and would also be interested in a backup complete remote.

Awesome work with the prints!

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unfortunately Ultimaker only sell Nylon in Black and White, blue may be available in other colours from other suppliers but I really want to stick with ultimaker filaments at the moment.

I intend to buy blue ABS though as soon as I have sold some of these so watch this space.

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Definitely will keep tabs on the thread. No worries on availability hoping it’ll pick up and maybe see later on. Cheers on the sale! The orange and black already look really good

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Will you offer just the electronics kit as well? I have the remote already printed. If you do: any idea how much a kit will be?

How much is complete?

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I can offer that, but I would rather sell with the shells initially to be honest. I have only ordered enough parts to make 5 remotes initially to see what demand is like, after that I will sell the kits without the 3d printed parts.

Complete will be £75 for ABS body and £80 for Nylon body.


I call first dibs on complete

It seems that the firefly have a interference problem though,

Will your completes allow for programming via the usb port?

I didn’t have any drop out in couple months of intensive riding :slight_smile:

I have seen the reports of the interference problems and I think it is because people do not shield the nano’s from the RF module.

Are you going to be making these indefinitely? Both my builds are 89% done, I’d like to hop in a bit later for these.

not sure, it really depends on demand and if I can fit it round my dayjob indefinitely

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ohh mines def not shielded, how would one shield the nano from the module?

@Surfer have you ridden around any intersections with traffic lights?, i suspect it the same deal with the maytech remotes


you must use some metal to shield the nano both ends. copper tape will be a good place to start, see if that fixes your issues.

Is there an option for a left handed remote? Some guys hold the remote on their left hand, and the screen is on the other side :joy:

yes I can do that for you no problems

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Ooh, will definitely be ordering one, but don’t need it urgently, so will probably wait until there are more colors :slight_smile: