For sale (in Canada): BesTech 10S BMS

BesTech has an MOQ of two on this BMS that I want, but I really only need one. Anyone else interested in saving on shipping? It’s $40USD per BMS plus $33USD shipping to me, so I’d sell to a fellow Canadian at $60USD shipped (to cover shipping to them afterwards). (U.S. buyers are also welcome, but shipping will obviously be more).

10S 80A BMS with E-Switch


Hi! im in the US and very interested. Sending PM

Thats a good deal on the worlds greatest bms for Diy.

Still available?

Maybe! I have a couple offers via PM, so I just need to confirm if they will for sure buy or not.

Has that bms sold yet? In Edmonton and very interested. @landonkun


I bought it but I don’t think I will use it. I’m in Banff if you would like to buy it from me. It’s still new and has the connector cables too.

Drop me a PM if you like.

Sorry dude, TeleRando wound up buying it. But looks like you two might be able to work something out.

Hi there. Would like to potentially grab your bms. How much. I’m in Vancouver

Thanks for the heads up!

is anyone else interested in still buying one?

I would be is it still new? And where are u located