For Sale: Jet Spud Deck, LifePo4 Batts + Charger, Tacon 160 (NIB)

I finally have a stable, totally sweet ride but it’s given me the ideas of where I want to go with the next evolution so I’m blowing it up and selling what I can so my wife doesn’t kill me when I order more stuff.

Here’s what I have:

Jet Spud 29" - Almost Mint - $50 + shipping (ok I’m keeping this after all) The deck that you can’t buy in stores anymore and pretty much perfect compact e-board deck. There are four skinny holes from where I mounted my enclosure and that’s about all that’s wrong with it. It’s deck-only

Tacon 160 Motor - In the box, never used - $55 SOLD I’m never going to get around to using this and I already have another motor that’s already working just fine. I’ve never even plugged it in and it’s in it’s original packaging. More info about these guys here:

(2x) 4s Zippy LifePo4 8400mAH 30c Packs - $60 for both - (paid $160 originally) Wire in series for 8s like I did. Charged two times and stored at recommended voltage in between the two charges. 5.5mm bullet connectors. They put out a ton of power and seem to last forever. Stable and way less sketchy than LiPo. Perfect condition. USA shipping only. More info about these here:

Turnigy Accucell 8150 Charger + HK Power Supply - $60 for Both SOLD Balance charge and discharge up to 8s with this beast. Perfect condition and more info here: and

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can u pm me and would this be through paypal?

@siggs3000 Whaaa? you’re selling the spud!? It started a potato-based revolution here in the esk8 world!

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@siggs3000 dude don’t sell the Spud for $50. Just save it as a backup!

@treenutter @RunPlayBack I felt a little bad putting it up but space is valuable in SoCal! Maybe I’ll keep it though. It is a rarity…

Ok everything else must go though!

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Where you at in SoCal?

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Sunny (mostly) San Diego

Nice. Just there this weekend for kids sports. Actually stopped by muirskate to pick up a new board. Very tempted to take the spud off your hands, but I’m shit without a kick tail.

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(Maybe i am interessted in the motor) I sometimes read that a <200kv motor would be nice with 12S. Also that such a motor and battery would generate fault codes in the vesc?

Can someone clarify this?

The Tacon Bigfoot 160 is actually 245kv. But this one is also sold. Sorry about that!

Hey I know you’re saying that you’ll keep it, but is there any possibility that you could still sell your spud? Really inspired by Runplayback’s board and I just can’t find anything close