For Sale: Jet Spud Deck

I purchased the OG Jetspud from Build Kit Boards; while my order arrived yesterday, I noticed today that they are soon selling the kicktail version, which I find more preferable. I am not willing to eat the 20% restocking fee to return the board; I hadn’t expected there to be such a fee since I didn’t see any info on it via my order or the site. So I am hoping to sell it here.

The deck itself has been taken out of the packaging but it is untouched. Would anyone be interested in purchasing it at the $80 price? Shipping to the US is free.

dude that sucks would’ve been better if @JLabs advertised a little bit about the release of the Kicktail version. maybe it’s part of the marketing strategy. who knows


Yeah I have to admit that I am super bummed about it…I was a bit surprised that there is a 20% restocking fee - I read up the return policy and tbh I didn’t see anything about it…but the policy does make it clear that it would be difficult to return limited items/items on sale so I suppose I understand why there would be a fee for that.

The biggest bummer is def. not knowing about the kicktail board…he literally posted the announcement on the day that I got my order lol. So either I now commit to this deck, sell it, or eat the 20% fee which I will def not do.

I think the fee needs to be disclosed, I’d double check. He used to do unconventional things like charge people extra tax to cover his tax so I’d confirm.

In the same boat as you. I’d probably just end up keeping my spud for something else though.