For Sale Kaly.NYC 2in1 Trampa Street Carver w/ Tons of extras!

Hey guys,
Selling my gen1 2in1 Kaly.NYC Street Carver electric skateboard to make room for a newer one. If anyone is interested, here’s what it includes…

Trampa 14 ply Street Carver soft flex deck
Trampa Vertigo front & rear trucks (black w/ white shocks)
Kaly.NYC 6355 230kv motors & mounts
Pulley & hub kits for both pneumatic and urethane wheels (16-62 pulley)
Extra set of Trampa bearings
Extra set of new belts (2pcs)
Extra custom cut new grip tape (enough to do another board)
Unity ESC (recently upgraded from dual FocBox’s)
12S-4P battery (Samsung 30Q)
6amp quick charger
Kaly.NYC custom battery enclosure w/ LED battery meter
Superstar wheels with two sets of rims (white and carbon fiber look)
Extra set of new Innova 7” tires with new inner tubes
Brand new never used Abec11 107mm wheels
Near new MBS all terrain 100mm wheels (w/ bearings)
Near new Trampa Stickies 90mm wheels
Two sets of thumb style remotes
EZ Beads Ceramic wheel balancing kit (already installed in the wheels on the board)
Assorted extra hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc not pictured)
FreeBord toe bindings (brand new, never used, not pictured)

I am the original owner, and had it custom built 2 years ago. The board has been meticulously maintained, and gently used for recreational purposes only. Stored indoors and always kept properly charged. Batteries are in perfect working order. The board is capable of going well over 25+ miles per charge and can hit top speeds in excess of 30mph. There’s no more than a total of 100 pampered miles on the board. You can swap from pneumatic to urethane wheels in under 15min. Recently serviced by Ernesto himself, the man behind Kaly.NYC. Comes with everything pictured and listed. If you do the math and take into account the condition of everything, this is a rare opportunity to own one of the most sought after electric skateboards out on the market for an incredible price. Additional images available upon request.

$2K takes it all! Local buyer (NYC tri-state area) preferred, but will pack and ship (at buyers expense) to anywhere within the continental USA. Accepted payment methods are Cash, PayPal or Zelle.


Some more pics (for reference) of the board with the MBS wheels on it…


Wow this is an awesome build.

Those must be some rock solid focboxes at 12s 230kv :0

How do I message you directly?

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How can I help ya?

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OG kaly. She looks clean :+1:t3:


Do you still have the board? If so, why ya selling?

Damn. That was the board I found on google images and it really was my fav looking one. It kinda got me into DIY too! Beautiful build! <3

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Yep, still have it. I’m going to upgrade to a new Kaly board, which is why I’m selling it.

would you sell just the mbs wheels?

Looking to sell everything as a complete bundle

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good deal!

FYI - Upgraded the original dual FocBox’s to a Unity ESC with integrated BPS, high power switch and Bluetooth connectivity.

So what I’m hearing is that you now have two used FOCBOX’s for sale, apart from that Kaly 2-in-1 kit :grin:

Still for sale? Listed on eBay or anywhere else that I could use a financer? :wink:

Yep, still for sale. Haven’t really bothered putting it up anywhere else. Figured I would have better luck with the enthusiasts here.

Can you send private messages on here? Noob! I am not finding anything showing me what’s different between gen 1 (though this is a special build I realize) and the 2.0 so I understand fully what I’d be getting. Main question is how wide are the trucks? The evolves are around 10" and were too narrow for me to feel really planted. Is she Flexi at all? I’m really digging it but not sure how to contact you off line.

The 2.0 is one of Kaly’s newest board. The biggest difference for starters is the fact that he no longer uses Trampa components, but instead, pretty much all his own hardware. The 2.0 features a gear drive, whereas the Gen 1 uses belts. With the gear drive on the 2.0, you cannot use your conventional urethane wheels, due to limitations with clearance of the gear drive case. With the Gen 1, you have a true 2in1 setup, that can accommodate both smaller urethane wheels as well as the larger pneumatic variants.

The Trampa Vertigo trucks on the Gen 1 are narrower than what you’ll find on the newer 2.0. They measure roughly 9" in width and are designed to be used on Trampa’s Street Carver decks, which are approx 8.5" in width. The Street Carver series is designed for exactly what the name implies, for optimum carving while still maintaining a good level of stability for high speeds. The newer 2.0 not only has a wider stance, the deck is also a tad bit wider with raised (front and rear) edges for greater toe and heel and grip. So if you have big feet or prefer a wider stance, you can always swap to Trampa’s mountain board components (deck and trucks), which will essentially give you the stance and feel of the 2.0.

As for the flex, yes it is very flexible. I have the softest of the Trampa decks and I find it more comfortable to ride for extended periods vs the firmer versions, which I have been on.

Pretty much all of Kaly’s board are special or custom builds to some extent, as they are each fine tuned to the riders exact needs and specs.

Sending you a private message to help answer any more questions you may have.

out of curiosity it sounds like it is issue free and ready to ride but is there any catch or quick fix up i might need to do

Absolutely no issues or catches whatsoever! Power it up, grab the remote and ride! It needs NOTHING!