For sale: Landyachtz Topspeed 36" new

Selling this deck for €100 plus shipping out of Spain. I was going to use it for a build but ended up going with a flexible deck. So it’s been standing around in my apt for a few months, never been used and only has some very minor scratch marks from storage.

Nobody interested in this awesome deck? 90€?

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This is one of my favorite decks, I have one as well. The W concave is lush. If you were in the states Id probably get it.

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Interested but the shipping probably puts on par with Also I can hide a vesc or two from the wife, decks are trickier😇


Just checked, shipping out of Spain is way more expensive than into Spain from most countries - ridiculous. With GLS to Ireland it would be around €45…:confused: maybe I just need to build another board…:slight_smile: what do you like this deck for, in comparison to a Loaded Vanguard? Better for control at high speeds?

Yeah pretty much those but I’m going to pass dude, build another!

@tueboard maybe you are interested?

Sale closed - I’m turning into a new project :slight_smile: