For Sale: Loaded Vanguard Flex 1 - Replaceable Grip Tape Modification

I’ve got a Loaded Vanguard I am trying to get rid of. I bought a Tesseract and have no need for a Vanguard. Price is $155 via PayPal and shipping charges depend on your location. PM me for shipping quotes.

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I’m interested in your board. PayPal? What about shipping? [email protected]

I sent you a PM.

Price lowered. $155 + Shipping

Hey is the Loaded Vanguard still for sale???

Yeah it is. I’m not in a rush to sell it though. Might make a second eboard.


Got a boosted deck has little more flex than I need I’m about 225 willing to swap maybe?

Do you have pictures? I’d swap the too. Do you have trucks and wheels or do you just want to do a deck exchange?

Just the deck I don’t have a spare set to add sorry.