***FOR SALE*** LOADS of leftover Enertion parts!

Hi All,

If you’ve seen Jason (@onloop ‘s) recent youtube vlogs you’ll know he’s moving to the other side of Oz and deserting his South Australian brethren - shame on you Jase! :wink:

You’ll also probably be aware that he’s wound up the parts business and is focusing on completes from now on (with the exception of FOCBOXs and remotes).

But what happened to all the leftover parts? Did he sell them all?..


As he’s pretty time poor and lives local to me I’ve offered to help liquidate his remaining stock which as you can see there are literally tubs full - especially 9mm and 12mm wheel pulleys! There’s also heaps of wheels, truck risers, truck bolts, bearings, belts and even skate tools. I’m going to count everything up this weekend and free up some racking space so it’s all organised but ahead of that and working out my strategy I thought I’d start this post up to generate some interest.

We haven’t settled on prices yet but they’ll obviously be heavily reduced on the original unit prices and the idea really is just to shift them! I’ll make these parts available worldwide and will mostly sell through eBay and directly through the forum for anyone who’s interested. Shipping small quantities to the US (for example) isn’t really going to be too worthwhile so if anyone is interested in a group buy or bulk deal then let me know and we can work something out.

I’ll add to this post on Sunday when I’ve had chance to work out what’s there in total and put some prices to the parts.

Any questions in the meantime gimme a shout!




hey - i would like to buy riser, bearings and those wheel pulleys (maybe the whells?..not sure the size). I am located in Brazil (Sao Paulo) so, not sure i can buy as many (maybe 2 from each). Let me know if you can ship to here. Tkx.

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Thanks for the interest @Quiles. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve worked out the pricing of indivdual parts and had chance to investigate shipping costs.

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Hey, Id like to buy bearings, wheels, pulleys belts when you find out whats the shipping and figure out the prices let me know! Thanks.

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You got it man! I’ll start a list of what people are after to help track potential orders and let you know when we’re in a postion to start selling :ok_hand:

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I´m also interested in a few things depending on the price.

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Sort out pricing and let us know. PM me and I’ll order something if price is right :slight_smile:

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hey, id be interested in some wheel and drive pulleys, (12mm) and a motor mount clamp ( i have an extra CF plate but no clamp) if you have any …send a PM if you can help me out

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Hey Dan, awesome news!

Personally I would be interested in 2x 12mm and 2x 9mm wheel pulleys. If you have the motor pulleys too, I would like some as well.

But a question regarding Enertion. We should keep some of that stuff to repair Raptor 1’s for the repair agents, no ?

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Thanks @Skitzor I’ll defo be able to hook you up with wheel pulleys but I don’t have any motor pulleys unfortunately. Yeah Jason has actually still kept a load of stuff back for repairs - I’ve tried to buy left over R-SPEC motors in the past but he’s keeping them back for exactly that reason :wink:

No clamps I’m afraid just the pulleys - full inventory will follow on Sunday but I’ll defo aim to help you out with what’s here :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in some 12mm Pulleys :slight_smile:

Edit: would be nice if i could participate in an EU group buy for those

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I’m also interested in a bunch of stuff. Let us know when you’re ready! Would also like to know the shipping costs to EU.

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I was just making sure. I would like another second spare R-SPEC as well for my R1, damn it :stuck_out_tongue: . Although alternatives are available in EU. Just the cosmetic part. blue and Enertion logo. I’ll wait patiently for your list to be published. Thanks for the quick reply

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i might want some of those parts for my “museum”

i’m planning on restoring an old gen 1 raptor to mint one of these days.


i was just about to tag you

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If enough people are interested, I´ll do a groupbuy for us EU peeps. (lol @Namasaki


Maybe I’m interested in some 12mm pulleys. UK based

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I’m all about group buys and larger orders and will reduce the prices further for these.

It seems there is a lot of interest in smaller orders too (all good) in which case I’ll probabaly either direct people to an ebay listing or set up basic website to host the orders and check out. Might have underestimated just how much stuff is here! :sweat_smile:


Also interested in some 12mm pulleys.

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