FOR SALE Marbel Carbon Fiber Deck

Hi guys!

I’m looking to sell the deck (and internals) from my old Marbel board. It’s a really fantastic insulated carbon fiber deck, and the whole thing with trucks and wheels only weighed 10 lbs total…was definitely the selling point back in the day. And it’s super sleek and thin, so really was a great board during my time with it. Bit scratched up nowadays, but this is about function am I right? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m not much of a DIYer myself, and it hasn’t worked for a while, so I’m mostly just selling it for the usage of the deck. I’m sure some builder here could get some really awesome use out of it for their project. As for the electronics, I think the only actual issue is the very front hub where the power switch / charging port is. The battery still measures a good voltage and everything else looks in perfect visual shape, so my best guess is that all the main components are intact…that said, I can’t be 100% sure, so take that as you will. Maybe it’ll all work for you fixers!

I’d be willing to pass it on for something like $80 plus shipping if you’re interested. I can throw in the remote too (for parts only) for another $20. I’m located in NYC if that helps anyone, so could always meet in person too!

Thanks all, and happy skating


Bumping this!

Still available! Price negotiable!

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Hello, I really like your skate !

What would be your best price ?

Hi there, I’m located in Ireland so if you’re ok with posting internationally (I can find a quote if you don’t have a preferred company) I’d love to buy it. Are the trucks and everything in the pictures included as well or just the deck, battery and internal electronics? I’m studying engineering and looking for something to take apart so it’s all interesting

So the back trucks in the picture are included, yes (with the motor attached). So yes everything in the pictures is included.

I hadn’t included the front trucks or any wheels in the pictures or the sale because the front trucks and some bearings are a little rusty at this point. But can always discuss adding those in if you want…

As for shipping to Ireland, I would be alright with that but I imagine it would be pretty expensive, so heads up. Can definitely give you the details so you can get a quote together though?

Bump still available! Make me an offer!

I’ll buy it

Even if I can’t get it running the battery and motor should make up for it, and I like the idea of the components in the deck, find out what shipping to Thunder Bay ontario would cost?