For Sale Offroad E-board build / Used - approx. 60miles on it

Hi, selling my E-board. Made a few of them and this is for sale. Good proven board. I did probably 60miles on it as I used it during this summer (only I used it, so can say its in perfect condition). So its pretty new and I can guarantee runs smoothly. This is the torque power setting with 2x big motors: 80MM motors with Flipsky fsesc6.6. MBS Board and Axles with 9inch wheels. Double chain drive - so you good to go on snow and ice conditions. Also nice in Summer, everybody will hear you come / its a nice safety feature. It rides beautifully. It is compatible with the trailer mount I am making. So if you buy you will have to let me know if you want the motor mount connection brackets to be in carbon (better looking, lighter) or you want to have the thick strong aluminum brackets where you can mount the trailer attachment. Battery is 10s5P from Matrix with 15mAh. So this doesn’t get any better. Let me know if you have questions. Shipping will be checked once I get your address with zip code. Asking US1800.- excluding shipping.

Pick-up is welcome. I am in Minneapolis MN, USA.

191125 update: Added some pics on the battery. 36V 15Amp. The battery is in good condition - gives me approx. 25miles good not to heavy off-road riding. If I go off-road and carve like hell then I get approx. 18miles sometimes little less.

The battery is protected by an thermoformed jacket. Then enclosed in the tactical bag which is waterprotected.

I’ve attached on the front the white box. In there is the charging plug, on off button and the connection to the battery.

Let me know if there are questions.

191126 update: Here some more infos on the batteries I use. Additonally a pic showing brand new batteries if interested.

Brand: Matrix Cell type: Samsung 30Q 18650, 3000mAh Lion cells. Manufacturing date: 19.April 2019. Cycle (Matrix standard): approx. 1000 times / 80%prime capacity. Max. discharge current: 50A. Built in BMS: over charge protection, under charge protection, over current protection and short circuit protection.

Below pic are some of the new batteries I have in stock. I could sell the board with a brand new one.

–Battery option: the price 1800.- includes the battery I used for that board for 1/2 year. If you want the board without battery, I will deduct 250.- from price.

AN Option is to have a brand NEW battery as pictured below which I ask 450.-. But you will have to do your own thermoformed protection jacket and connection. If you want the enclosure thermoformed jacket and the connection box I will charge 80.- additionally. Its quite bit or work. So all options are open. However, I do recommend the used battery. Its in good shape and a good deal with the board.

Would you please post pictures of the battery, along with mains voltage and individual p-group voltages?

Preferably at “full charge”

Hi, I did upload pics of the battery. Hope that helps.

Just a heads up - I’m in no way interested in purchasing your board. Just trying to make it a bit easier for somebody who wants to to be able to jump on it.

If you happen to have a digital multi-meter (ask a friend maybe if not) post a reading of the voltage from the main power, and then from each p group

To do the p groups, attach DMM neg to b- of balance charger, then peck each consecutive balance lead individually.

Making sure you aren’t buying a boof’d battery is always helpful in a sale. Good luck with it btw. Posting over on the other forum might give you more visibility, though you might get trolled hard over there 🤷

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Sure, thanks for caring. The battery is fine.

To measure single cells is not possible without taking the battery apart. The BMS is built in the battery blue shrink plastic. Don’t want to damage that.

However, if one if you is interested to buy the board without battery, I be ok to talk about that.

Or… I do have brand new batteries that could sell with the board. Guess the used one I would sell for 250.-. A new one 450.-. I will post some infos on the new batteries tonight when home.

Also some more infos on the boards we do, you guys can find on Instagram: dirtboarding

I post tonight more info on the batteries.

What is the model/manufacturer of the motors/mount?

Hi, the motors are from Maytech, model MTO8085-160-HA-C.

And the motor mount I make myself.

See my other post with the kids trailer attachment. There you can see the motor-mounts in detail.

This is by the way an option to choose - if you want to hook up an trailer, then tell me and I will give you the thick aluminum brackets. If you don’t want that, then you get the more nicer looking carbon brackets.

@s5300: just a question, which other forum you mean?



Thanks, will have a look. So why is everybody there and not here anymore?

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bunch if reasons, invasion of privacy and censorship was mentioned. I guess you’ll find out more there if you are interested.

I might be interested in the motors and the bindings in case you would part out. Tag me in case you already started a thread in the other place. I‘m over there too as Andy87 :wink:

Hi Andy Will not part out. This board is great and will find someone who will like it. But thanks for the interest.

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Fully understand that! Was just a in case offer. Good luck with your sale :+1: it’s really a nice board.

I did put the add on in the other forum too. Thanks for the tip guys.

I have some more pics there. Here is the link if you want to see: https://forum./t/us-for-sale-mbs-offroad-e-board-approx-60miles-on-it/14157