For sale: Raptor 1 and other decks, Trucks, wheels and other stuff. (also trade possible)

Alright. So I have a few things for sale, I am not sure on the price and since many people pm’d me about the raptor deck, how about a bidding war :slight_smile:, since I Have no idea about pricing that one. @GrecoMan, @stormboard1, @Hariboisawesome, @Bensaida,

For the rest, let me hear your offer, trade deals etc. But no crazy lowballs please. Shit is expensive in EU. (lol just saw basically all decks are on sale now, unlucky man :smile: )

What I would trade for generally:

  • Wheels (abecs 11 85mm+)
  • Carver trucks
  • Leather slide gloves
  • Decks (depends )
  • gopro 5 or others
  • Decent condeser mic

So my stuff for sale/trade (provided with link if you need more info, such as wheelbase etc.)


  • Raptor 1 has a few scratches, no structural damage and comes with the second gen lid with no connection problems.

  • Arbor koa axis photo shoot series few scratches on the street side.


@longhairedboy has been looking for a raptor 1 deck i believe

Well damn, thought he had an old raptor he wanted to brush up to mint condition for his “quote” Museum :slight_smile:

Had actually a spare deck, keeping that one though. Fond memory’s and all :slight_smile:

How much for the R1 deck?

i could be wrong, maybe misinformation; thought he wanted to track one down to add to his “museum”

Will be leaving it at this atm. Didn’t you purchase R1 decks before, if that doesn’t work might come back to you for a reference of pricing.

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I had a R1 complete and had a deck at one point. Sold both. If it’s a bidding war I’ll go last. lol. Let me know if you want cash in your account. :slight_smile:

aight will do. Will give anyone who pm’d me a chance to see/reply/bid. But oh yeah man I am a student with esk8 and downhill as hobbies, so money in ANY of my accounts sounds awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks! Just take their highest bid and add some. Then get a hold of me dude. I know how much school costs. I’m willing to contribute to your education. :slight_smile:


I see we’ve got a big baller over here :roll_eyes:


I thought Lavar Ball was a Big Baller?!


Well if you guys don’t end up buying his Raptor Deck I’ll have a complete Raptor 1 for Sale once my R2 ships…


Haha. Dreams are cool to have right? :wink:


indeed they are :wink:


I bid $3,000

So @SeanHacker by your statement, you will buy it for $3,001? :joy:

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What about these Ronins, I care less about the rest lol how much would you let them go for (and where are you located)

located in switzerland EU, shipping internationally outside EU fuqs the deal up. AND you get all skate repeated stuff so much cheaper anyway …

NA pricing 90$ with everything EU pricing 146.6$ + import tax + fee + everything else because fuq Switzerland lol :slight_smile:

PS: didn’t check pm. ronins sold sorry man :frowning:

ha! @SeanHacker

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well for stuff you can get anywhere of course :slight_smile: R1 decks hard to find nowadays :slight_smile:

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they are almost everything I hold dear haha (dreams I am talking about )

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