[FOR SALE] Raptor 1 Redux Build $900 + paypal fees + Shipping

Lowered to $900, + 2.9% Paypal fees (=$926.10), shipping should be about $50 within the US. Pickup with cash will be $900

Pick up available in Irvine, CA. Or possibly in Alhambra,Ca on weekends when I head that way.

Really hate to sell this beautiful board but it’s just taking up space since I hardly ride it after senderizing my other boards. It was fun to build though. It’s so un-ridden than the bottom has no road debris dings and belts still have the writing on them! There aren’t many Raptor 1s like this out there with the upgraded internals. And new lid. I only know of one other one. Runs flawlessly. The chewed up looking port, LCD and power button COVER looks like that so the top cover can close flat

10s3p Samsung 25r pack Dual VESC-X / FocBoxes UNIK mounts on E-Caliber II truck Front SurfRodz truck 16T/36T 12mm pulleys and belts 90mm Ollin Popoca wheels Dual TB 6355 Sensored motor (running unsensored now) UNIK channel risers for the clean look ChoZen Modded GT2B remote 2a charger included

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