For sale: raptor 2 order spot(first batch) w/ extra year of warranty *$1375 price lowered*

Up for sale is my Raptor 2 order spot. I have confirmed with Enertion that they will switch the order over to the new buyer, this means that the board will ship to you straight from Enertion.

You will be waiting much longer if you order from the website now. This order is part of the first batch.

I ordered this board as part of the group buy. I just have too many boards now, and with the recent wildfires here I am down a bit of cash… I also have DIY board + my Carvon V4’s are on the way, AND I have my CGT with a my 10s5p in it. So I just feel like I’ll have no need for this R2.

Asking $1375. At this price you are getting the board at $125 under the listed website price, you will get a free year of extra warranty, AND free shipping. US ONLY

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I could be wrong, but I thought Enertion said they weren’t going to transfer warranties?

I checked with support and they said it was fine since the board has not even shipped yet. Warranties on used raptors will not transfer

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Ahh, good to know.

Here is my chat log with support for anyone who is worried.

FYI. I purchased raptor2 (new in box, unopened) from a member here after he had received 2 boards to his address. Enertion transferred the warranty with no issues. Just required verification through original purchasers email.

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price lowered to $1375, I need this sold

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Hey there, Fiori! I’m new to the forum but I’ve been doing my research on reddit, forums, and other places…I guess I don’t have permission to message you yet as I’m not trusted enough yet.

I’m interested though! Can we talk a bit more in PM? (dunno if theres a way to do that yet? or maybe you have to initiate?)

Thanks, Will

When is your delivery date

@mikenyc Not even Enertion knows at this point. All I know is that we are guaranteed to be part of the first batch. If you are seriously interested I can provide you with my order number and you can inquire with Enertion yourself. But as of about a week ago that’s the answer I got.

@WillBeatz I am ok with communicating on this thread for anything that isn’t personal info(at least until you get PM privileges). Otherwise you can send me an email at [email protected] and we can get things rolling! Let me know! Are you in USA?

EDIT: @WillBeatz just PM"d you

BOARD SOLD TO @Kelvinski