[For Sale] TRAMPA 7 inch Longboard Wheels (4) - [$80 + Free Shipping]

I am trying to sell a set of TRAMPA 7-inch Longboard Wheels (CARBON FIBRE PRINT HYPA HUB & BLACK INLINE)! These are Brand New wheels and have not been used. I am located in the US and will ship out same-day with USPS Priority Mail.

The Auction starts at $80

So what made you change your mind about the wheels? :smiley:

Or u just got more than one set and that’'s all…

@Okami I just decided against the bigger wheels on my campus cruiser. Trying to make back the money to buy some MSB 100mm All-Terrain wheels instead.

ah i see, yeh if you do plan to ride just on campus and nice sidewalks, then why not… will also save you some battery energy / give more range by sticking with urethane wheels

Hey, are these still available? :slight_smile:

Hello wath is the shiping cost to mexico 50180 edo.mexico toluca