For Sale | Trampa | E-Toxx 5:1 Direct (Gear) Drive w/Hanger $450

I bought this drive here and unfortunately life has gotten in the way of finishing (or really starting) my build. Below is the original description from the user I bought it from, the drive has been untouched since I bought it. I’m asking $450 + shipping.

For sale here is a E-Toxx 5:1 “direct” (gear) drive with its original CNCed hanger by @Nowind. The 8mm motor spurs and wheel gears are unused, meaning there is 0 miles on them because I brought a brand new set of wheel gears few weeks ago from @Nowind but never replace them. The 8mm motor spur gears was also unused because I was using the 10mm spur gears for my 8085 motors. Regardless, my loss, your gain. So in a sense, you’re practically getting a “new” drive system.

As a bonus, i’m also including a set of 80xx mm adaptors and 10mm bore spur gears if you ever want to upgrade to a bigger motor from 63xxmm motors. All the smaller parts, such as kingpin bushing, nuts, washers and etc, I’ve replaced. Whatever I can’t replace, i’ve already wash and rinsed twice.

Please DM for offer.

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Atlanta, GA USA

Too bad they’re not the helacial… I wouldn’t be able to help myself :sob:

Glws, these should go fast

helical gears are available as an aftermarket accessory, go wild!

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Unfortunately if I purchased them separately, I’d have an extra pair of regular gears, I doubt I’d be able to sell them :joy:

No but you would be able to design your own gear drive or sell them to someone doing so

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Ill just wait for the group buy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



10 charac

i live in decatur lol. @benja

are they better than fatboy gear drive

are these still available?