[For Sale - UK/EU] 15mm 36T/15T pulley’s and 90mm wheels


Pulley kit - £15 Wheels and single pulley kit - £39 Wheels and dual pulley kit - £50 Wheels - £25 Add-on motor pulley - £5 each

Wheels are 90mm 78a 80%rebound in red or black and are a nice ride

Pulley kit 15mm 36T HTD5M alu wheel pulley (6061)

15mm 15T HTD5M 8mm bore steel motor pulley with 4 grub screws (C45) no keyway

Retainer ring (6061) 6 x M6x55 bolts NO BELT

image image image image image image image image

UK postage should be £3, pm for postage quote for anywhere else.

If anyone would like to buy multiple items PM me and I can maybe do a discount :slight_smile:

I cannot edit my post anymore. Previous thread -

[UK/EU] 90mm Red and Black Wheels + Pulleys (soon):


4 sets sold :grinning: but no ones commented :cry:

So BuMp :smile:

Reduced the prices a small amount :clap:t2:

Still for sale bump :+1:t2:

Just want to add some input! I got the motor pulleys 4 pcs and they are great quality and feels solid, would highly recommend them :slight_smile:

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Another couple of sets gone. I’m getting good feedback on the wheels and pulleys quality wise. Obviously the price is good too :wink:

Still for sale :+1:t2:

Just some feedback on these wheels and pulley set up’s that I just received.

I’m very impressed with the quality of both the wheels and the machining of the pulleys

Using the industry standard finger nail durometer test I’d say that they definitely feel softer than my 84a Zombie hawgs and just as soft as my 78a OJ hot juice III’s so happy days.

For the price I’d say these abec clones are brilliant


To the top :slight_smile:

you still got 15t pulleys?

Hi yes I do, I’ve sent you a PM

Still for sale :grinning:

do the pulleys fit legit abec wheels? or just these clones?