For sale UK. evo clone deck

Up for grabs are a few parts which I will most probably add to.

  1. Evo shaped deck, Urban hybrid speedboard. It’s similar but not the same as the evo. In so much it won’t immediately fit my evo enclosure without some fiddling. Looks like it’s got some fibre coverage on the underside. £50+ postage. imageimage Loaded Tesseract deck with colour coded enclosure fitted to it with fixings and rubber gasket. Could do with the top of the inserts grinding down and re grip taping. The nose of this deck has been cut down but still retains the usable tail. £150imageimageimage

Any questions ask away. I’m considering selling my evo build but perhaps this isn’t the place. (So many boards) Based uk. All prices plus postage. Can courier out. Friends and family PayPal.


Do you know how much postage would be on the trampa to uk? otherwise where are you based if someone wanted to collect?

@ducktaperules I can check but by the looks of it parcelforce express 48 would take it for about £12? I’m in Dorset, and am visiting London on Monday for work. I’m going to try and make it to the velodrome in Bournemouth for something slick revolution are doing this Sunday.
I get around the country quite a bit otherwise.

Hey, would you ship to United States (California), and what would be the shipping cost? I just created an account so I think I can’t send direct messages. Can you DM me?

I can ship anywhere but will come at a cost! What exactly did you want?

Say Ben just to ask, would it be possible to remould an EVO enclosure to that deck at the top or is that a buyer thing?

Maybe if you took a pic with a spare enclosure to see if seal by itself could do it or a bit of hot air gun, just to get the buyers syndrome flowing :dizzy_face:

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I think it would be doable, I’ll see what I can do. I have a dodgy blue translucent enclosure that could be sacrificed…

That’s got to be attractive for somebody the deck looks mint and good quality. I’ll have to stop myself from doubling down on the hummie

41*9.5 inches , wheels base : 34 inches 11 Layers of Construction made of Canadian Maple & 1 layer of tri axial fiber reinforced in the middle. super stiff /no flex at all , for rider 100-330 lbs. Front nose angle: 15 degree up wedge , Back tail:0" Flat"

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What size battery can the tesseract enclosure fit ?

Internally it is 450mm x 145mm x 25mm. Should be good for a 10s3p. I do a deeper enclosure (37mm) that can take a double stack but without the paint job.

Are that hypa hubs on the Trampa? The pulleys look kinda wide on the picture are these 20mm and at which tooth count?

Yep, pretty sure they’re Hypa and the belts are 20mm wide. (it comes with belts)

Awesome work with the tesseract! I’m planning a loaded basalt tesseract build, would you be able to make an enclosure for that which is similar to what you did to this one?

Still here…

Still got the tesseract?