[For Sale] Unity Focbox Brand New

Chevrolet says they have quality wheels in their new 2019 model because none have been replaced yet. Even though when one goes out, all 4 have to be replaced.

But, since none have failed yet, it’s a superior design.


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All four would be replaced to create even wear on them so you’re not going around with a pad of paper and a calculator to figure out which will blow next…

Why do you like to argue so much Brian( curious, not an accusatory tone. 🤷)


I just bring up a point and someone who happens to work for enertion comes in acting like I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. I don’t argue, I just answered a simple question. Enertion’s PR team comes in here and starts throwing all kinds of muddiness into the water trying to create argument.

Whatever, I’m out. I don’t have any FOCBOX Unities anyway.

And when I say why, BAM here comes enertion damage control on the scene


I wasn’t disagreeing with your first point. I suppose I’m guilty of being inflammatory :joy::joy:

My bad

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This is a good point and Im curious to know what happens when something like this does goes wrong.

(Knowing my luck it will happen to me)

There is the down side of it costing more to get fixed by the wizard, but it seems like from @longhairedboy test if you not drenching it in water then you should be good.

Still, do you think that people are selling their unites because they are afraid that one esc might die and then they are screwed? It obviously isn’t the case, you are just trashing the product.


I am not sure what’s going on here but I think it was only Unity sale thread initially. About the Unity, I think having one with you will let you know better about the product. I don’t disagree with your statement above @b264 but I am not able to agree with it as well. :slight_smile:

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Bump bump thump

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I sent you a PM

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Did you get your app working with the internal br module?

Yes however; due to iOS limitations the app can’t change motor configurations. Currently trying to find a workaround. You can change config if you use a hm10 module connected to uart.

what does this do? I dont understand the circuit

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Nothing but a loop key in the picture, but if you focus on the background, at the end of the deck, you’ll see the failsafe braking system. Push down with your feet and it applies friction to the wheels. :slight_smile:

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Back before it was electric, I made a couple generations of mechanical brakes because lots of hills ending in intersections and cars, I just made it front wheel drive incase I got a power cut or something, FWD feels very nice actually

Bumpy bump get yours right now! Don’t wait till batch three while the sun is out​:grimacing::grimacing:

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If you really Need to sell it… Lower your price It wil help selling quicker

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God damn lock-a-ness monsta!

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You still at the same price on this? I’ll pay what it costs right now? Or i’ll even pay a tad more… $285 shipped to me?

How HM-10 is different in this particular situation from unity module?