[For Sale] Unity Focbox Brand New

Brand new unity for sale. 325 shipped. Price is firm. Thanks :slight_smile: PM if interested.

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Why does nobody want a Unity anymore?

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They must think they can sell this one, and buy another for cheaper?

It’s not that. It’s people who bought them early, may not be in need for an immediate build, and can easily make $100 off of somebody who wants it now

Not really $100 in this case it’s $280 shipped in the US right now from Enertion but who knows how long it will take you are paying $45 premium to get it right now. It’s a fair price and worth it to alot of people.


I payed $252 shipped. For my unity

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Not so premium if u consider what u can get for that price. Like 2 maytech 100a escs for around the same price or even a dual 6.6+ from flipsky for a little less

Unity is brand new tech. Some people just want it.

Not trying to discourage i really hope u make ur money bro

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Both my unity cost 252 each lol

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I want one bad but everyone seems to be asking too much. I can get this same price on eBay right now…

I’ll offer 280 shipped though


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Also you currently can’t use it on Mac OS

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I have both luckily but yeah that’s a deal breaker for lots.

This is my first build with a Vesc so I wanted something easy to set up, but I will likely end up getting a flipsky or something cheaper just in case I burn it up on the learning curve haha.

I’m hoping the unity will be more affordable and easier to obtain down the road. Would be great for all the builders.

Maybe because if one ESC breaks, then you have to replace both ESCs instead of one? And likely have no brakes.


Unity plus failsafe brakes!


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While that might be truth I don’t think that’s the reason for people selling their unity… Haven’t heard about 1 esc breaking, but I might have missed it.

Care to share some examples?


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That’s what i thought.