[FOR SALE] US Garage sale: Electronics, motors, drive train parts, Enertion clone motor mounts

Hey everyone! Before I start, I will tell you pictures will be uploaded when I get home from work later tonight.

I have a lot of stuff for sale! I’m trying to clear out for a new, safer build. A lot of these parts were given to me by fellow forum members after a pretty bad crash that destroyed my board. While that board served me well, I need to make some upgrades in terms of safety. I have asked, and they approved me selling the parts. Because of their generosity, I plan to sell the items at a pretty steep discount (50%+) so I can help someone else!


Electronics (1) TorqueBoards 6355 260kv 2000w sensored motor - SOLD (2) SK3 5055 280kv 1510w motor. Shafts are shaven down to hold a 3d printed pulley, but can be cheaply replaced. - PENDING (1) KEDA 6364 190kv 2000w motor. Will be sold once I get a replacement motor, but can be reserved. - WITHDRAWN (1) Antispark switch PCB with silicon wires, small heatsink, and heat shrink. - $15 (1) DEAD 4.12 vescs. Can be fixed for $50 by @JohnnyMeduse. - SOLD

Hardware (1) Set of well used TorqueBoards 90mm flywheel clones. No chunking. - WITHDRAWN (1) Good condition steel HTD5m 15mm 36t wheel pulley for flywheels. - SOLD (1) Well used steel HTD5m 15mm 36t wheel pulley for flywheels. - SOLD (1) Well used Torqueboards motor mount. - SOLD (2) Good condition Enertion Clone carbon fiber mounts. Modified to use 265mm belts. - SOLD

EDIT: Pictures.

20180921_222252 20180921_22224220181004_134137 20181004_134144 20181004_134130


What type of VESC

I have a couple Torque Boards VESCs and the others were pre-FOCBOX enertion VESCs as far as I know.

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about that anti spark pcb… is works fine I’m assuming. All that needs to happen is attaching an button?

Pm sent for 5055 motors

It is brand new. That, and a fuse.

Dibs on both 36t pulleys.

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@J0ker3366 PM me for info

Do these switches ever fail “open” to where you can’t turn your board off?

I honestly don’t know, someone else will have to chime in on that one. I don’t think it would if you are using a fuse for it.

The diyelectricskateboard switches will fail without any load on them so a fuse wouldn’t protect that

It’s not from there, I know that. I believe it was made by someone on the forums.

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Bump, good stuff for cheap!

Ill buy the vesc if its still up for grabs! Is it just a drv chip gone bad or something more?

Sounds good! As far as I know, it’s just the DRV chip. PM me for details!

I have been on the site a while but just now joined so I am having trouble finding how to PM you.

I see I have to reach a certain level to be able to PM, what other options are there for communication?

You know you can message him :smiley:

He isn’t a high enough level. Already tried that

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oh ok. Didnt know


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